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Mark Teaches Julia Latin: A Meditation

In academic circles, the study of “pedagogy” has taken a fair beating. This is not [...]

Nobody Lives Forever: A Lenten Reflection on Film Noir

  In recent years I have come to love the cinematic genre known as film [...]

Classical Buildings in a Modern Age: An Interview with Allan Greenberg

  The following is an interview with architect Allan Greenberg about the relevance of classical [...]

The Surprising Logic of the World

  Memoria College professor Dan Sheffler’s new article in The Classical Teacher: The study of [...]

All God’s Instruments

  Memoria College tutor Thomas Cothran, writing at Eclectic Orthodoxy, about St. Thomas Aquinas’ position [...]

The Most Famous Debate on the Existence of God

An excellent article on one of the great modern philosophical events: On January 28, 1948, [...]

C. S. Lewis’ Boswell: Walter Hooper, RIP

He was asked to manage Lewis’ literary estate, and he fought to keep his works [...]

The “Moral Mythology” of C. S. Lewis

by Thomas Howard ONE WAY of putting what Lewis saw his literary task to be [...]

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