407-Fairy Tales and Children’s Literature

Categories: Fall 2020
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Course Overview

A seminar on religion and children’s literature Dr. Guroian first gave at
Loyola University in Maryland and later at the University of
Virginia. The goal will be to learn the moral and religious meaning in the stories Dr. Guroian has selected for the seminar and to discover in the stories themselves
what makes them good stories. 
Dr. Guroian has chosen two stories of novel length, Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio
and George
Princess and the Goblin
The shorter fairy tales that we will read are from that great corpus
of fairy stories that have left for us by the Grimm Brothers and Hans
Christian Andersen.  Fairy Tale readings will include
: The Grimms’s Cinderella,
Snow White, Hansel
and Gretel
, The
Juniper Tree
Hans Christian Andersen’s
Ugly Duckling
The Nightingale,
The Little


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