We love and honor one another.

We give encouragement to each other.

We tell the truth.

We are honest in our academic work.

We treat one another with respect and patience.

Violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported to the President of the College. Allegations which would not warrant suspension or expulsion will be adjudicated by the President who may impose any sanctions less than probation or expulsion.

Allegation(s) subject to this policy in which possible sanctions could result in suspension or expulsion from the College are addressed by adjudication before the Judiciary Committee (JC). Adjudication by the President is an alternative if all parties agree.

All parties will have notice, the opportunity to review any investigative reports, and the opportunity to present relevant information to the JC. The JC shall consist of the President, Chairman of the Board, plus a faculty member and student chosen by the Chairman of the Board.  Decisions of the JC and President shall be based on a preponderance of the evidence, that is whether the conduct was more likely to have occurred than not.

An appeal to any decision of the JC or President may be made to the Dean of Students. Such appeal shall only be allowed in light of new evidence, failure to follow the steps prescribed above, or sanctions being grossly disproportionate to the violation. The Dean of Students may affirm the decision or grant an appeal and return the case to the JC or President for reconsideration.