Certificate in Great Books Program

If you are a classical teacher in a home or private school seeking a professional development program designed specifically for you, Memoria College’s Certificate in Great Books Teacher Track may be just what you’re looking for. 

Unlike most other professional development programs that emphasize abstract and impractical pedagogical theories, we will focuses both on the foundational principles of classical teaching and on the foundational texts of the classical tradition. The Teacher Track provides teachers and homeschool instructors the opportunity not only to expand their understanding of how classical subjects should be taught, but to acquire the actual content knowledge of the subjects taught in a classical program, like classical mythology, classic art, and classic literature.

Program of Study


The Certificate in Great Books Teacher Track consists of 9 graduate credit hours that must fit the criteria below: 

One Required Core Course: 

    • 601: Introduction to the Liberal Arts 

3 Credit Hours 

Two Required Seminars: 

    • 510: Intro to Classical Education 
    • 520: Practice of Classical Pedagogy 

2 Credit Hours 

Elective Core Course and/or Seminars 

4 Credit Hours 

Total Program Credits: 

9 Credit Hours 

Program Requirements

  • Completion of 9 course credit hours as outlined in the Certificate program of study. 
  • Cumulative 3.0 GPA or above. 
    • No more than two grades of C may be applied to the degree. 
    • No grade of D or below may be applied to the degree. 
    • Courses may be retaken for a higher grade. 
  • Honor Code signed at the entrance of the program. 
  • All required coursework completed within 4 years of entering the program.  
  • Teacher Track Certificate Completion Form must be submitted during the first week of the last semester of a student’s anticipated graduation date.