Master of Arts in the Great Books


Graduates of the Master of Arts program will be able to think, discuss, speak, and write on the ideas and texts found in the Western cultural tradition of great books in a meaningful way that prepares them for whatever walk of life they choose. The master’s program consists of 30 credit hours. 24 credit hours are devoted to Core Courses in classical literature, political theory, natural science, art, music, and philosophy. A maximum of 6 credit hours are set aside for seminar courses that allow for in-depth study of a variety of topics from major authors and texts to great ideas.


Program of Study

The Master of Arts program consists of 30 credit hours: 

Required Core Courses (3 credit hours each) 

  • 601 – The Education of a Free Man: Introduction to the Liberal Arts (To be taken before the completion of 15 credit hours.) 
  • Ancient Literature Elective, one of the following: 
    • 606a – The Ancient Epic 
    • 606b – The Christian Epic 
    • 606c – Greek Drama 
  • Modern Literature Elective, one of the following: 
    • 607a – The English Novel 
    • 607b – Goethe and the Literature of Russia 
    • 607c – The Plays of Shakespeare 
  • Philosophy, Religion, and Theology Elective, one of the following: 
    • 604 – History of Religion and Theology 
    • 608 – The Study of Ethics and Moral Values 
    • 610 – Introduction to Philosophy 
  • Political Elective, one of the following: 
    • 602 – The Development of Political Theory 
    • 605 – Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence 
  • Science Elective, one of the following
    • 603 – Natural Philosophy and Modern Science  
    • 609 – Philosophies of Human Nature 

18 Credit Hours 

Elective Core Courses 

6 Credit Hours 

Elective Seminars 

6 Credit Hours 

Total Program Credits: 

30 Credit Hours 


Program Requirements

  • Completion of 30 credit hours of courses as outlined above 
  • Capstone Written Comprehensive Exam and Oral Defense. 
  • Cumulative 3.0 GPA or above. 
    • No more than two grades of C may be applied to the degree. 
    • No grade of D or below may be applied to the degree. 
    • Courses may be retaken for a higher grade. 
  • Honor Code signed at the beginning of each academic year in the program. 
  • Course work must be completed within 5 years of entering the MA program.  
  • M.A. Completion Form must be submitted during the first week of the last semester of a student’s anticipated graduation date.